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net_instaweb::RenderBlockingHtmlComputation Class Referenceabstract

#include "render_blocking_html_computation.h"

Public Member Functions

 RenderBlockingHtmlComputation (RewriteDriver *parent_driver)
void Compute (const GoogleString &url)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SetupFilters (RewriteDriver *child_driver)=0
virtual void Done (bool success)=0

Detailed Description

This class helps one perform a background computation based on an HTML webpage at a given URL, while blocking rendering on parent RewriteDriver until the computation succeeds. Basic usage is as follows: 1) Subclass this, overriding two methods: a) SetupFilters to add filters to child_driver. b) Done() to pass result on to the client. 2) In the parent, create a new object for the computation, call Compute(), and use result it passed from its Done in RenderDone(). The object will self-delete.

Member Function Documentation

void net_instaweb::RenderBlockingHtmlComputation::Compute ( const GoogleString url)

Tries to fetch a webpage on url. If fetching is successful, it will create a new RewriteDriver child_driver with same options as parent_driver but no filters, call SetupFilters on it, then pass the document through it, then call Done(true). If something fails before that, Done(false) will be called instead. this object will be deleted after the call completes.

Rendering on the rewrite driver will be disabled until Done() is invoked.

virtual void net_instaweb::RenderBlockingHtmlComputation::Done ( bool  success)
protectedpure virtual

Override this to extract and save the computation result. The object will be deleted after this returns.

Warning: this method can run in a variety of threads, so make sure you properly lock access to data this updates.

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